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Madrid Into Finals

Real Madrid has cemented its place in the semi finals of Nyons and all credit goes to Sanchez who controlled all the men of the opponent’s team in just only 55 minutes which decided the fate of the game. Only 10 men of the Madrid team made a 1-0 victory over the Sant-German team of Paris which visibly struggled to make their way to the nets battling through the Madrid men.

The players of Paris made an excellent start right at the beginning of the match but only after Sanchez’s active take on the match, the Paris men started losing their control over Real Madrid men. Even though lost to play with their fellow players right in the middle of the match after seeing red card for his aggressive moves, the Paris players, could not make its benefit out of this. Saint German players thought of improving their game when the Real’s became 10 from 11, but adroit skills of the Real players left no ground for the Paris men.

Striker Coman also presented an excellent show by putting up a great defense against the opponents, and Ismael Cerro also showed his acrobatic skills on the ground to make his fans happy. However, the Real Madrid men enjoyed the entire support of their thousands of fans cheering the team from the stands. But instead of becoming weak after losing one player from their team, the Real players braced up and gave a tight challenge against the Paris team.

Sanchez’s head from a corner decided the fate of the match immediately proving that performance from great players, no matter, how much they are less in number can fix victory for a match. However, the Paris Sant German team thought that, after making its place into the quarter finals, they will put up a straight battle against the Spanish club, but failed to materialize their plan and gave in to the skill and strategy of the Real Madrid players.

The match called in a great crowd at the stadium that not only cheered for the Real Madrid players but also helped improved the morale of the Spanish men.

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