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Raul recokns club to bounce back after poor Form

Former Real Madrid star Raul reckons that the club will bounce back from their recent run of poor form. Raul held the record for the most number of goals scored for the Spanish club in the Champions League.

Even though this record has been broken by Cristiano Ronaldo in recent months, Raul still remains a legend at the club. The former Spain international recently retired from playing football and he has voiced his opinions about the poor form suffered by Carlo Ancelotti’s team in the last couple of months. After a fantastic end to 2014, the club has been struggling to produce a consistent set of results in 2015.

This has allowed Barcelona to regain the lead in the la Liga, while there have also been some embarrassing scores like the 4-0 defeat against Atletico Madrid and the 4-3 loss against Schalke. Ancelotti’s tactics have been criticised heavily during this period, while the lack of goals from Cristiano Ronaldo is also concerning the club. Raul says that it is only a phase for the team and he expects it to be dealt with in great manner by Ancelotti, who is expected to get Luka Modric back into the team against Levante. The form of Gareth Bale has also been poor during this period.

“The seasons last 10 months. Two months ago Real Madrid had won 22 straight games and everyone spoke about how great they were.Now the team has suffered a couple of defeats, which are always painful for a club like Madrid, but both the players and the coaching staff have the quality to get out of this situation.I give my full support for Real Madrid now more than ever, fully aware that players are going to give everything they have to improve,” said Raul about the club’s poor form.

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