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Real Madrid Wants Gareth Bale

There is news that Gareth Bale might be offered a lifelong contract from Real Madrid.

This was seen to be coming as the 26 year old players have reached a top form and helped his country in three matches which helped them finish in the top position in Group, ahead of England even in Euro 2016. This kind of form is something that Real Madrid would want to own and harness for their own team games. For those who have been following Gareth’s wins like the 3-0 victory that Wales obtained above Russia are instances when he showcased his skills and how that can impact the wins of an entire team. While Manchester United is interested in keeping him, but Madrid team’s owner, Florentino Perez would be offering him seven years to play at Bernabeu, which is being seen as one of the most lucrative contracts in the world of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of the team and has been so for many years now, but there needs to be a successor in place. That is the face they are finding in Bale, who is most likely to become representative or the star player of the club if the transfer is successful.

Bale, who plays forward, was part of teams like Tottenham and Southampton before. He had been offered a high priced contract before and has scored about 58 goals among the 123 appearances that he has done for his country, Los Blancos. Bale is, however, at the present moment happy to be part of Spain’s team and getting it a head start in Euro 2016. He will consider the negotiations for his transfer when his international duty is over next month. Madrid would also be buying back Alvaro Morata from the Juventus team.

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