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  1. Alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar el canto de River Plate que dice “Soy de River soy, y de la cabeza siempre estoy, llora Avellaneda, la Boca, y el Ciclon, porque River ya sale campeon!”? Busco un video en que puedes escucharlo…y un en que puedes escucharlo bien…para los estudiantes que no entiendo mucho espanol.

    Soy una maestra de espanol en EE.UU. y quiero compartirlo con mis estudiantes.

  2. Nope, “Soccer” is the worlds most popular sport. The problem with Americans is that they don’t realise that the world actually stretches further than their own shores. Every country in the world loves Football, the fact that Americans dont like it means nothing. May be “for girls” in the US, but elsewhere Football has always been the working mans game. The problem in the US is that they are trying to manufacture the “Soccer” culture, whereas elsewhere it has always been there.

  3. Considering American men dominated the Olympic games…..Dismisses your point. As I said before…..Soccer is a good game for girls…… not for men

  4. Hmmm. Soccer is for girls eh? Strange that a lot of Americans think this way isn’t it? It’s because the US has a poor national side, and a sub standard league, therefore US “soccer” is poor. Because the USA are not good at the sport, they just dismiss it. The rest of the world considers Football the best in world, and is without question the most popular. America’s opinion on it means nothing, they don’t matter.The world loves Football, America only like sports they are successful at

  5. all american football is is rugby with helmets and padding the rules may be different and the ball however its a contact sport the only difference being our lads dont wear padding and helmets and your banging on about mens sports oh for the life of me

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