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Ukraine & Russia Would Stay Apart At World Cup 2018

With due respect to the current political turbulence between Russia and Ukraine, FIFA boss has declared to keep the two national football teams separate at 2018 World Cup finale- in case Ukraine qualifies & there is no improvement in the relation between the two Balkan nations.

“You could be certain about it”, stated the FIFA President while inquired whether the teams would be placed apart in tune with the latest hostile political climate where Kiev is accusing the Russian capital of supporting Russian separatists along east Ukraine.

Blatter was recently on a trip to the Russian capital to unveil the 2018 World Cup logo and inspect the preparations in Putin’s territory for the mega event. Amidst huge criticisms against Putin from many quarters for hosting the World Cup in a war infested scenario, the FIFA boss extended full support for the Russian head’s decision, asserting that political situations shouldn’t affect sports. There were calls to shift the upcoming World Cup to some other venue given Russia’s declining relation with Ukraine.

“A boycott can’t achieve anything & doesn’t get any positive effect”, emphasized Blatter. “FIFA is in full support of World Cup 2018 in Russia. When we got letters advising shift of the World Cup venue, we said that it’s football. We have full faith in Russia & their government.”

“Mass media must back up here”, continued the FIFA chief.”We had similar experiences in the past during the Sochi Olympic Games. However, during & after the Sochi event, there wasn’t any bad word spread regarding the Games. Being the biggest nation of the world, Russia is always under the influence of world press. Football would not only unite the country but would also prove to the entire world that the sports stand stronger in comparison to any sort of protest movement.”

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